Mid-Day Meal Program

Food From GodMidday meal program was started in India protecting children from classroom hunger, increasing school enrolment and attendance, improved socialization among children belonging to all castes and addressing malnutrition. This initiative increased the school participation and completion rates.

Under the benign guidance of Vaishanava Acharyasa, Anant Seva Trust has started the Food from God program in the year 2012 to address larger issue of hunger by distributing sanctified (sattvic) vegetarian food to school children.

Food from God is prepared under complete hygienic conditions and offered to the Lord before distribution, thus becomes the purest of the three types because of its transcendental nature and hence, free from all karmik reactions, brings all round development to the children and becoming thus a source of positive vibrations that rejuvenates the real happiness and learning among children.


Children in Need

Childhood is the most important phase of an individual which defines their character, morality and inculcates values that govern their actions, behaviours and personality in the future. Quality of life at this stage assumes greater importance as the current younger generation form the foundation of a happy, content, prosperous and peaceful society of the future. But the progressive modern society comes with its own side effects that includes self centered lifestyles, material enjoyment, imbalanced economic and social conditions, lack of vision for the future leading to children being the most neglected and exploited beings.
Though the Government of India introduced "The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act" in 2009 to mandate free and compulsory education to all children aged 6 to 14 years. But the larger problem of poverty, hunger and other social issues become the roadblock in bringing many poor children to the school. These are the real big problems and we invite everyone to come forward to extend help shaping their future.


How you can Help

We invite your participation and help for Free Mid-day Meal for School Children. Please donate to children in need and Meal cost per child is about Rs20/-

Below is few donation indicators. You may pledge to sponsor for more than 1 child or any amount other than the one mentioned below.

  • Rs500/- for 1 child for 1 month
  • Rs1500/- for 1 child for 3 months
  • Rs2500/- for 1 child for 6 months
  • Rs5000/- for 1 child for 12 months
  • Rs5000/- 250 children (small school) for 1 day
  • Rs120000/- 250 children (small school) for 1 month

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